MathsMadeEasy changes

Mathsmadeeasy is an ongoing project launched in December 2015, but with regular updates to material.
We are open to suggestions and if you have additional material that would work, this can be incorporated.

Please let us know if you have found any errors in material via the contact link.

When viewed on a mobile phone, a familiar ☰ menu icon shows which drops down on touch. Touching a different age range alters the menu and touching off menu removes it.

Within the different age ranges, there is a news section, but to save you time changes are shown below.

Date Age range Resource Link
July 2017 Teachers QTS Numeracy resources for trainee teachers
Tuition & App
June 2017 KS2 2017 tests for English and Maths
June 2017 KS1 2017 tests for English and Maths
May 2017 GCSE Grade 9-1 online exams
See it
Apr 2017 GCSE Grade 9-1 revision topics
See it
Mar 2017 AS level Core 1 maths video paper
See it
Mar 2017 KS1/2 Scaled scoring
Mar 2017 KS2 English SPaG videos
Feb 2017 All Coping with Exams
See it
Feb 2017 Imagine Mental workouts  1    2    3    4 
Feb 2017 ALL Key stage books  Books 
Jan 2017 ALL Key stage overview  Key Stages 
Dec 2016 GCSE 9-1 topic papers  F    H 
Dec 2016 KS2 Year 6 maths with resources (2 parts) Y6 (1)  Y6 (2)
Oct 2016 KS2 Latest KS2 tests MathsEnglish
Oct 2016 KS1 Latest KS1 tests+ assessment MathsEnglish
Oct 2016 KS2 Granddad Maths Videos Year 5&6
Oct 2016 KS1/2 Granddad Maths Videos Y1Y2Y34
Sept 2016 KS1/2/3 KS1/2/3 books KS1KS2KS3
Sept 2016 KS1 Year 1, 2 multiply, divide Y1M Y1D
Sept 2016 KS2 Year 3, 4 multiply, divide Y34M Y34D
Sept 2016 KS2 Year 5, 6 multiply, divide Y56M Y56D
Aug 2016 KS2 Year 5 maths with resources (2 parts) Y5 (1)  Y5 (2)
May 2016 GCSE Last Minute Maths MOCK See it
Apr 2016 GCSE Maths papers added: 12F, 10H See it
Mar 2016 KS2 Year 4 maths with resources (2 parts) Y4 (1)  Y4 (2)
Feb 2016 KS3 KS3 on-line tests 3-5 mocks + levels 3-5 NC  3-5 CA
Feb 2016 KS3 Adding Fractions video See it
Jan 2016 GCSE GCSE maths on-line Found, Higher mocks C
Dec 2015 Imagine New section added
See it
Dec 2015 All New look mathsmadeeasy launched