Creative Mental workouts 3

Can you solve these mental workouts? Some need lateral thinking - solving problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.

Marriage    Top  

A woman from London married 10 different men from that city, yet she did not break any laws, none of the men died and she never divorced.

How was this possible?


Evenly divide    Top  

Which of the following numbers can be divided evenly by 2 ?

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9


Mumbo Jumbo    Top  
Is there a sensible pattern to this sequence which was typed out as part of a conversation?



Funny money    Top  

A man went into a shop and asked how much an item was.

"Twenty pence each" says the shop keeper

"I'll take twenty" says the man

"That will be 40 pence sir"

What was the man buying?


African Safari   Top  

Professor Tom was in deepest Africa on safari.

When he felt in his pocket he could feel something that had a tail and a head.

As Tom started to walk the thing moved, but he wasn't worried. Why not?


Cigarettes    Top  

A tramp made cigarettes from stub ends.

He needed 7 to make one cigarette.

Luckily for him he found 49 stub ends

How many cigarettes could he make ?


West and East Ducks    Top  

There were two ducks.

One duck is faced ⇐ West, the other duck faced ⇒ East.

How do they manage to see each other? Mirrors are not allowed.


Paper cut    Top  

Draw the outline of a piece of paper which is shaped so that with a single cut the piece is divided into 4 smaller pieces which are alike in size, shape and area


Missing £1    Top  

Three friends shared a meal at a restaurant. They split the bill after the meal. The bill is £30, so each guest pays £10.

Then the waiter realises he's made a mistake and the bill should be £25. So he takes £5 from the till to return to give it back.

But on his way back to the table, he realises that he cannot divide the money equally. So he decides to just give each of the friends £1 and keep £2 for himself.

So each guest got £1 back and they have paid £9, bringing the total paid to £27.

The waiter has £2. £27 + £2 = £29 so, if the friends originally gave £30, what happened to the remaining £1?


Half an Egg   Top  

Jane went to the market to sell some eggs.

Laura bought half her eggs plus 1/2 an egg.

Then Henry bought half her remaining eggs plus 1/2 an egg.

Then Poppy bought the one egg that Jane had left over.

How many eggs did Jane have to sell originally? (hint: work from the end)


Bat and ball    Top  

A bat and a ball cost £11. The bat cost £10 more than the ball.
How much were they each?
It may not be the answer you first think of.


My weight   Top  

I weigh 40kg plus half my weight. How much do I weigh in total?

My height is 80cm plus half my height. How tall am I?

My wife is 140cm plus one fifth of her height. How tall is she?

Hint: using algebra makes it easier


Cats and birds    Top  

My friend kept cats and birds

Altogether there were 52 eyes and 82 feet.

How many of each animal were there?


Ramble    Top  

Poppy went for a circular ramble in a clockwise direction.

She took 100 minutes.

Henry went on the same circular but in an anti-clockwise direction.

He took 1 hour 40 minutes.