Exam Revision

It's scary, but you only have a few months left now before you take your 'real' exams in Maths, Science (physics, chemistry, biology) and English. Unless you are a genius, you have to put in some extra effort to get a good grade. This needs some planning, working out what to cover and when to fit it in.

You could work alone, work with a friend, attend after hours school revision classes or go on an external Easter revision course to give you a kick start. Whatever you do, you'll need some sort of timetable to work out what, when and how long you revise each subject.

The Revision Timetable

revision timetable

Mathsmadeeasy helps revision

Make use of the past papers, the on-line revision notebooks, the on-line mock tests and the revision lists either on your phone, ipad or desktop. Some are shown below, but check through the top menu.

Level Subject Topic Link
GCSE Maths Mocks
GCSE Science Past Papers (OCR)
B1 to P2
GCSE Science Past Papers (OCR)
B3 to P4
GCSE Maths Past Papers (H)
Edexcel & AQA
GCSE Maths Past Papers (F)
Edexcel & AQA
GCSE English Past Papers
Past Papers
GCSE Science Revision lists (OCR)
B1 to P4
GCSE Maths Algebra (F)
GCSE Maths Algebra (H)
GCSE Science Triple papers
Year 10
Year 11
GCSE Maths All topics
Revision list
GCSE Maths All topics
AB grade
C grade
D grade
A-level Maths Core 1,2, stats
Past papers
A-level Maths Online test
A-level Maths Core 3,4, mechanics
Past papers
A-level Physics Past papers (OCR)

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