GCE Maths Core 2 online (OCR)

Revise with this OCR core 2 maths online test(1) with answers. (detail at end)
72 marks, A=80%, B=70% etc

1. Arithmetic progression  Menu

The 30th term of an arithmetic progression is 77 and the 40th term is 107.

i) Find the first term and the common difference.
ii) Show that the sum of the first 26 terms is 715.

2. Trigonometry  Menu

Triangle XYZ has XY = 20cm, YZ = 5 cm and angle Y = 60. Calculate

i) the length of third side ZX,
ii) the area of the triangle,
iii) the size of angle X.


3. Binomial expansion  Menu

i) Find the first three terms of the expansion, in ascending powers of x, of (1 – 3x)10
ii) Hence find the coefficient of x2 in the expansion of

(1 + x)(1 – 3x)10


4. Sector area and perimeter  Menu

In the figure, OAB represents a sector of a circle with centre O.
The angle AOB is 1.5 radians. The points C and D lie on OA and OB respectively.
It is given that OA = OB = 30 cm and OC = OD = 20 cm. The shaded region is bounded by the arcs AB and CD and by the lines CA and DB.

i) Find the perimeter of the shaded region.
ii) Find the area of the shaded region.


5. Geometric Progression  Menu

The first term of a geometric progression is 6 and the second term is 5.1.

i) Find the sum to infinity.
ii) The sum of the first n terms is > 30.
Show that 0.85n < 0.25, and use logarithms to calculate the smallest possible value of n.


6. Integration  Menu

i) Find integration
ii) Find the value in terms of a integration
iii) Determine the value of integration


7. Logarithms  Menu

Express the following in terms of log10u and log10v
i) logarithms

ii) logarithms

iii) Given that
Find the value of v correct to 3 decimal places.


8. Factor/remainder Theorem  Menu

ƒ(x) is a polynomial given by x3 + px2 – 5x + 6 = 0. One of its factor is (x – 3)

i) Find the value of p and factorise ƒ(x) completely.
ii) Find .
iii) Sketch the polynomial.
Show that the area of the region between ƒ(x) and the x-axis over the interval (–2, 3) is given by the sum of the areas of the regions between the interval (–2, 1) and (1, 3)

9. Trig graphs  Menu

i) Sketch on one graph, with values of x from –180 ° to 180° the graphs of

and y = 2 cos x,

ii) The equation has two roots α and β in the interval –180 ° ≤ x ≤ 180°
Mark α and β on the sketch and express β in terms α.

iii) Show that the equation can be written as
and hence find the value of β – α.


Detailed answer paper at core-2-ocr-ans-paper-1 dot pdf
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