KS3 SAT Maths Tests with LEVELS (Schools only)

When you need to assess your students at maths KS3 it can be difficult when all the old papers are available on-line.

That's why we've developed three packs of unique ks3 maths papers only available to schools. We've based them on old ks3 maths papers to ensure we maintain the correct structure for each level, but have changed all the questions.

So not only do you get an accurate assessment of your pupils, but you also save the time you would spend to develop them. For the limited investment, you get a great return.

The ks3 maths pack licence confers the right to:

Each KS3 maths pack contains::
  • A calculator and a non calculator paper for levels 3-5, 4-6, 5-7 and 6-8 and detailed answers.

  • A mark scheme for the calculator and non calculator papers and a grade boundaries document down to sub-levels

  • All papers are PDF documents and are zero VAT rated

  • The papers are rewrites of past KS3 papers to accurately cover the KS3 curriculum for each level

Key stage 3 maths question pages

ks3 maths papers

Key stage 3 maths sample answer pack pages

maths mock 2011 ks3 questions
maths mock ks3 calculator questions

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