GCSE, 9-1 F, NC online exam


Q1 - Basic operations and decimal ordering

Work out

a) 379 + 793

b) 1053 ÷ 27

c) Order these decimals. Start with the largest



Q2 Percentages

a) Write 5% as a fraction in its simplest form.

b) What is 1.5% as a decimal

c) What is 15% of 40?


Q3 Rounding

Round these to 2 significant figures.

a) 12399

b) 0.0345


Q4 Co-ordinates

a) What are the co-ordinates of point B.

b) Work out the coordinates of the midpoint of line AB.


Q5 Combinations

You have a four sided numbered spinner and a six-sided dice.

How many different number combinations are possible e.g. 1 on spinner, 1 on the die


Q6 Money

Poppy ordered two Teas, two Ham and Chips, one Apple Pie and one trifle at the Toddington Cafe

How much did she pay


Q7 Ratio

Henry and Poppy shared £63.36 in the ration 2:7

Poppy got the most money. How much did they get each?


Q8 Number machine

Look at the number machine

function machine

a) Work out the output when the input is 6

Here's a different number machine

function machine

When the output is 52, the input is 9.
b) What is the missing value


Q9 Stem and Leaf

A teacher recorded the test marks out of 50 for 9 students in her class.

34   31  29   17   16   25   45   21   17  

a) Draw an ordered stem and leaf diagram to show this information. Include a key.

stem leaf

b) What was median mark

c) What was the range of marks


Q10 Area

Two walls of a bedroom need painting. The walls are shown below, one with a door.

One tin of paint covers 4m2 and is £7.90

How much is it to paint the walls

Q11 Transformation

Describe fully the single transformation that maps one shape to another.

Q12 Algebra

Matthew is y years old.
His wife Jess is 2 years older.

a) Write down an expression, in terms of y, for Jess's age.

The total age of both Matthew and Jess is 72 years.
b) Write an equation and solve it to find the value of y (Matthew's age).


Q13 More Algebra

a) Simplify    5 × a × 6 × a × b

b) Simplify   5a × 6a – 2a2 + 5b × 6b


Q14 Calculation

A science teacher wants to prepare a resource pack for each of the 120 pupils in year 10.

She will need to photocopy 40 pages per pupil and give each pupil a folder to keep the pages in.

Photocopying costs 2p per page and folders are 70p each.

There is a similar resource available online for a one off cost of £175.

How much would she save by choosing the online option?


Q15 Number calculations

15. Given that

 789 × 36 = 28404

find the value of

a) 78.9 × 3.6

b) 2840.4 ÷ 0.36

c) 284.04 ÷ 789


Q16 Algebra

The perimeter of this isosceles triangle is 19cm


a) What is the value of x?

Two angles on this parallelogram are shown


b) Find x then work out the two angles


Q17 Venn Diagram

A group of 55 pupils were asked if they owned a phone or a tablet.

11 said they owned both

18 said they only owned a tablet

34 said they owned a phone

a) Draw a Venn diagram to show the information.

b) A student is chosen at random from the group.
What is the probability that the student doesn't have a phone or tablet


Q18 Best buy

Two shops sell trainers as shown below.

DW ShoesJW Sport
Normally £50

1/5th off
Normally £48

15% off

Calculate by how much the cheapest shop is for two pairs of trainers


Q19 Ratio

Matt had 3 piles of coins, A, B and C.
Altogether there was 72p.
Pile B had twice as much as pile A.
Pile C had three times as much as pile B.

How long was each pile of coins


Q20 Angles

Work out the size of the angle marked x.


Q21 Fractions

Work out

a) 3 ½ – 2 ⅓
Give your answer as a mixed number in its simplest for

b) 3 ⅖ ÷ 2 ⅛
Give your answer as a mixed number in its simplest for


Q22 Equation line
equation line

Find the equation of the line on the graph above


Q23 Prime factors

Write 252 as a product of its prime factors


Q24 Distance-time graph

Look at the distance time graph.

distance time

Q: Calculate the speed for parts A, B, C and D of the graph.


Q25 Probability tree

Laura is going to play one game of chess and one game of draughts.

The probability that she will win the game of chess is ⅗

The probability that she will win the game of draughts is ⅜

probability tree

(a) Complete the probability tree diagram.

(b) Work out the probability that Laura will win exactly one game.


Q26 Standard form

Work out

( 4 × 103 )2 + 3.5 × 107

Give your answer in standard form.