Key Stage 2 SATS scaled scores - Maths and English

The KS2 maths and English tests are externally marked and marks sent to schools. Each part of the test must have been sat and the papers marked. You will get:

A scaled score ensures a consistent comparisons of results from one year to the next.
So a pupil who scores 105, for example, in 2016 will have have the same attainment as a pupil who scores 105 in 2017, but their raw marks may be different.

The raw scores for each test are calculated by adding the scores from each paper for a subject. The maximum raw scores are shown below.


A scaled score of 100 equates with old KS2 level 4b. A destination GCSE grade in the 4-6 range would approximate for this, but be very careful of predicting GCSE 9-1 grades from KS2 scaled scores.

Schools are placing pupils into attainment bands, depending on their scaled KS2 scores, but use qualitative phrases to identify the pupils:.

These are roughly mapped to predicted GCSE 9-1 grades, depending on the level of progress made (e.g. less than expected, expected, good, exceptional) each year.

Test Marks in paper Highest raw score Highest scaled
English reading 50 50 120
English GPS P1, 2 50, 20 70 120
Maths P1, 2, 3 40, 35, 35 110 120

Use the 2016 test conversion tables to convert your raw scores to a scaled score for each test for 2016.

How pupils did in 2016 for KS2 SATs English and Maths

53% of pupils reached the new expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics.

ks2 2016 scaled scores

The expected standard in the tests is a scaled score of 100 or above.

Attainment at the expected standard in the tests is highest in grammar, punctuation and spelling at 72% and lowest in reading at 66%.

The threshold for a high score in 2016 was set at 110.

Achievement of a high score is highest in grammar, punctuation and spelling at 23% and lowest in mathematics at 17%.
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