Key stages of the national curriculum Books

The National Curriculum is organised into blocks of years called key stages. There are four key stages and an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The 'EYFS' covers provision for children from birth to five. This table shows the key stages and where formal assessments are made.

Age Stage Year Assessment Resources
Birth-5 Early Years Foundation Stage
4-5 EYFS Reception Early Years Foundation Stage Profile GoalsHandbook
5-6 Key Stage 1 Year 1 MathsVideos
6-7 KS1 Year 2 National tests in English, mathematics and science EnglishMaths
7-8 Key Stage 2 Year 3 MathsEnglishVideos
8-9 KS2 Year 4 MathsVideos
9-10 KS2 Year 5 MathsVideos
10-11 KS2 Year 6 National tests in English, mathematics and science. MathsEnglishScienceVideos
11-12 Key stage 3 Year 7 MathsScience
12-13 KS3 Year 8 MathsScience
13-14 KS3 Year 9 National tests in English, mathematics and science. Maths CA NC ScienceEnglish
14-15 GCSE Year 10 National tests. MathsScienceEnglishVideo
15-16 GCSE Year 11 National tests in all subjects MathsEnglishScienceMaths2
16-17 AS Year 12 National tests C1 C2 Physics
17-18 A2 Year 13 National tests C3 C4 M Physics

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