Key Stage 1 SATS 2016

(Standard Assessment Tests)

New style KS1 SATs for Maths and English, to be taken in year 2, were introduced in 2016:

Assessment for Maths and English is made on the basis of three standards, each with 'pupil can' statements

  • Working towards the expected standard
  • Working at the expected standard
  • Working at greater depth within the expected standard

Details : English  Maths  Science

The new KS1 Sats includes: one reading, one grammar, punctuation and spelling and one maths test

KS1 change details

  • Paper 1 : a selection of texts (400-700 words), with questions interspersed
  • Paper 2: reading booklet (800-1100 wds). Answers written in separate booklet
  • Each paper = 50% of marks, (approx 30 mins). Reading papers include fiction, non-fiction and poetry with a range of question types. (eg Multiple choice, matching, labelling,etc.

ks1 reading 2016

KS1 Grammar, punctuation + spelling
  • Paper 1: grammar and punctuation written task, (20 mins, 15 marks). Handwriting is 4% of marks
  • Paper 2: a grammar, vocab and punctuation test, (two sections of 10 mins each, 20 marks)
  • Paper 3: a 20-word spelling test (15 mins, 10 marks)
ks1 gps

KS1 Maths
  • Paper 1: arithmetic, (15 mins, 25 marks).
  • Paper 2: mathematical fluency, problem-solving and reasoning, (35 mins, 35 marks)
  • Calculators or number lines not allowed

ks1 maths 2016

More sample materials

Extra samples for Maths, reading and Grammar, punctuation and spelling are shown below.

Links are also included for everything you need to know for key stage 1 Maths, English and Science.