GCSE Maths Foundation and Higher Exam Papers

Plus GCSE Maths revision papers

Use these free maths gcse papers to revise. If you need fuller more detailed explanation than you get from the mark schemes that the board provide then take a look at the other papers further down.

GCSE Maths change from A* to G → 9-1

GCSE Maths is changing for year 10's from September 2015 examined in June 2017. Details here.

Year Board Found Higher Answers
June 2014 Edexcel
Nov 2013 Edexcel
June 2013 Edexcel
Mar 2013 Edexcel
Nov 2012 Edexcel

Year Board Found Higher Answers
Nov 2014 AQA
Jun 2014 AQA
Nov 2013 AQA
Jun 2013 AQA
Jan 2013 AQA
Nov 2012 AQA

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NC Foundation 1
C Foundation 1
NC Foundation 2
NC Higher 1
C Higher 1

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