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Which examination board syllabus does this material cover?

Maths exam and revision papers downloads - FAQs

The GCSE exam papers and GCSE revision papers are based on the syllabus of the most popular maths examination boards.

Exam papers, are based on real past GCSE exam papers. Each question has been completely rewritten to avoid copyight issues, but the level of difficulty remains exactly the same.
The answer packs provide the detail you need, to fully understand how to do well in maths GCSE. You won't get this from the examination boards!

The revision papers are based on specific topics, like Algebra. Each revision paper contains specially selected questions which covers that topic thoroughly. You can be assured that the papers are accurately set at the GCSE maths exam standard shown.
Download GuaranteeIn all cases to date, there has only been a delay in the email download if a customers has given an incorrect or out of date email address. If you provide a correct email address you will receive a download email within minutes of ordering.
How detailed are the Answer packs

Very detailed! Clear and Simple. If you buy an answer paper from the examination board they usually only provide the final answer. But they don't explain how you get that answer. As you can see, from the examples below, my model answers are detailed, step by step explanations, which will ensure that you understand GCSE maths.

 GCSE Intermediate Non-calc

GCSE Higher Calculator

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How do I pay for the exam papers or revision packs? You pay securely by Paypal as shown below. If you have a paypal Account, just log in. Otherwise just pay with a credit or debit card. Don't forget to add your email address. Simple.
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How do I receive the model answers?

Once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive an immediate email containing a link from which you can download the zipped pdf files directly to your PC. You can read pdf files with adobe acrobat which is free on the internet.
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What do I do with a zipped file?Double click on the zipped file. You will see a screen like that below. Just select 'extract all files' to save the pdf files.
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The buying process
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What about copyright?These exam and revision resources may only be reproduced with the permission of Mathsmadeeasy. The purchase of a resource gives the right for that person to create a copy for personal use, but does not confer the right to allow that person to reproduce it for resale or sharing with other individuals. If you are a school you will need to buy multiple copies - please contact me for substantial discounts.
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