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GCSE Maths Revision

KS4 maths revision tips

  • Practice lots of exam papers. Do them against the clock, it's an excellent way of getting up to speed.
  • Try out the FREE revision papers especially the key topic of Algebra
  • Go over your brilliant notes, speaking them out loud - you'll remember them more if you hear as well as read. Better still, record your notes onto tape so that you can replay them while relaxing or just before going to bed. This is a really good way to absorb information!
  • Answer questions in your text book. There are so many that you're almost sure to cover almost all the question types that'll come up in your exams.
  • Work with friends, asking each other questions and teaching each other difficult topics. Have fun with this!
  • Don't overdo it - revise in short blocks (half an hour is normally good) and have lots of breaks.
  • Don't revise with loud music or other distractions, such as TV on in the background. Silence is best, very soft music is next best.
  • Be aware of how you are feeling, both physically and mentally. If you feel bad, get more rest, take a break, do something enjoyable, eat healthy stuff - just do something different.
  • Keep your goals in mind - the benefits of getting good grades. You need all the motivation you can get! Positive mental attitude - you can do it! You don't have to be perfect - just get the % you need for the grade you want.
  • Try to have regular times for going to bed and getting up; your body and mind will work better.
  • Avoid caffeine-packed coffee, tea and cola late at night. Preferably avoid them altogether - caffeine puts the body under stress. You don't need stress before exams!
  • The night before can be hard. Don't start revising completely new areas, it'll just freak you out. Instead, stick to key points and summaries, rather than big chunks of text. If it feels like nothing's going in, don't worry. Whatever revision you do now will pay off later. Finally, get a decent night's sleep and you'll perform better.