Coping with Exams

Soon you'll be taking your 'real' exams so give it your best shot by making a revision timetable, revising smartly and by reducing your exam stress.

Your plan Smart revision Stress busters

Your revision timetable

You could revise alone, with a friend, go to after hours school revision classes to give you a kick start. Whatever you do, you'll need a timetable to work out what, when and how long you revise each subject.

revision timetable

Revise Smartly Top

Focus your revision using past papers, on-line revision notebooks, on-line mock tests and revision lists:

Level Subject Topic Link
KS1 Maths Mock past papers
KS2 Maths Mock papers
KS3 Maths Mock papers
GCSE Maths Mock Papers
GCSE Science Past Papers (OCR)
B1 to P2
GCSE Science Past Papers (OCR)
B3 to P4
GCSE Maths Past Papers (H)
Edexcel & AQA
GCSE Maths Past Papers (F)
Edexcel & AQA
GCSE English Past Papers
Past Papers
GCSE Science Revision lists (OCR)
B1 to P4
GCSE Maths Algebra (F)
GCSE Maths Algebra (H)
GCSE Science Triple papers
Year 10
Year 11
GCSE Maths All topics
Revision list
GCSE Maths All topics
AB grade
C grade
D grade
A-level Maths Core 1,2, stats
Past papers
A-level Maths Online test
A-level Maths Core 3,4, mechanics
Past papers
A-level Physics Past papers (OCR)

Exams stress busters Top

stress exam buster

As exams get closer, we get more stressed. There's loads to remember and you don't know what they will ask in the exams, so you feel under pressure. It's a natural response, so make sure you look after yourself physically and mentally.

Physical wellbeing

Mental wellbeing

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